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Select the correct answer for each question below. Your score will be given once you have completed the form.

  1. What is the best known horse in literature?

  2. What other animals belong to the horse family?

  3. What is the typical order of the brushes used to groom a horse?

  4. Your horse has hooks or points on its teeth, what is the procedure called to aid this problem?

  5. Which of these is the correct order of movement - slow to fast?

  6. Finish this sentence: The saddle pad goes halfway up the ...

  7. What unit is used to measure a horse?

  8. Name That Color: A Golden Horse with a Platinum Blonde Mane & Tail

  9. Which of these is not like the others?

  10. What is a Farrier?

  11. This breed of horse is theorized to be the oldest breed in the world.

  12. What is a male horse called when one or two testicles haven't fully descended into the scrotum?

  13. According to legend the ancient Roman Emperor Caligula did what to his favorite horse Incitatus?

  14. Asturian, Bashkir, Falabella, Fleuve and Fouta are all what?


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