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Herd Manager

Andover, Massachusetts 01810
United States
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Date Posted: 06/07/2021 | Last Updated: 06/07/2021
Farm Maintenance, General Farm Labor, Manager - General, Manager - Private Farm, Therapeutic Riding Program
Positions Available:
Full Time
Annual Salary Range:
Not Specified
Minimum Education Level:
Horse Breeds Associated With This Job:
Clydesdale, Haflinger, Pinto/Paint, Suffolk Punch
Languages Required:
Any Language
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About The Facility
Challenge Unlimited is a non-profit organization located at Ironstone Farm, 450 Lowell Street, Andover, MA, that serves about 1500 individuals annually with a budget of $1.5 million. Its mission is: To provide therapeutic, educational and recreational opportunities using the resources of the farm and its environment to help all involved experience joy and enhanced quality of life. The 19+ acre property includes two arenas, three houses and various outbuildings and supports a herd of 30+ horses and other animals used to help people with a broad spectrum of abilities. Individuals served include children, teens and adults representing 24 different diagnoses, veterans and first responders who have experienced trauma, seniors with memory impairment, people affected by cancer, people in recovery from addiction, and children and teens from the inner cities. The organization is governed by a board of directors and managed daily by a 40+/- member staff with the help of more than 200 weekly volunteers.
Job Description
The Herd Manager will oversee all activities involving the horses at Ironstone Farm, including nutrition and feeding, paddock and stall safety, training for all Ironstone’s program needs, educating staff, volunteers and clients regarding equine care and management, and providing an open and welcoming environment for everyone involved to feel safe and included. The Herd Manager will lead by example, participate in the work activities, and maintain communications with other staff leadership at all times. The Herd Manager position is a full time salaried position.
Job Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree and/or life experience in skills needed for herd management and herd development. Ideal candidate will have knowledge of and experience with equine nutrition, medical care and breeding.
• Three years experience managing an equine staff and operation, with proven ability to collaborate with co-workers and encourage staff to work as a team
• Ability to engage in instructional workshops to teach staff, volunteers and clients appropriate and safe horse-handling techniques
• Ability to use farm machinery and equipment for maintenance tasks (tractors, etc)
• Understanding the mission of Challenge Unlimited as a whole and knowledge and understanding of the populations to be served
• Knowledge, understanding, and enthusiasm for the equine connection and various activities effectively using that connection to support individuals served
• Willingness to multi-task, combining management responsibilities with often needed menial tasks required to provide a quality experience for all participants
• Flexibility in weekly schedule with ability to work weekends and evenings according to the needs of the organization, special events and emergency situations
Specific Responsibilities:
• Establish nutrition plan for all animals at Ironstone Farm and ensure proper feeding practices to execute that plan.
• Maintain property to provide a safe and user-friendly environment to be the “home” for Ironstone’s herd.
• Oversee ordering of all feed and supplements according to the individual needs of the horses, including quality products and hay.
• Ensure that paddocks and stalls are cleaned daily and that paddocks are raked at least once each week.
• Ensure consistent availability of water at all times for all animals.
• Set up regular checks of the herd to watch for any injuries, colic or illness and be prepared to act immediately to mitigate any such issues.
• Maintain a well-stocked cabinet of medications and first-aid equipment to be prepared for illness or accident.
• Oversee and manage Ironstone’s breeding program so that mares and foals are properly housed, fed and trained throughout the pregnancy, birth and delivery of new foals.
• Use equine activities as a teaching tool for Ironstone’s working students, staff, volunteers and clients.
• Work with Ironstone’s Program Director daily to ensure appropriate use of horses for clients served.
• Work with Ironstone’s Director of Volunteers to ensure proper volunteer training for safe horse handling.
• Work with Ironstone’s staff to continually teach proper horse handling techniques so that horses receive consistent cues in all situations.
• Work with Ironstone’s administrative and development staff for use of horses for marketing and community involvement.
• Engage in regular training schedules for all horses to be prepared and safe for all programs.
• Manage herd obsolescence by continually seeking new horses and retiring older horses as needed.
• Oversee maintenance and safety of all tack and equipment used for horses and programs.
• Maintain appropriate deworming and vaccination schedule for all horses annually.
• Oversee and ensure proper shoeing, trimming and other hoof care for all horses as needed monthly.
• Oversee and ensure annual dentistry needs of all horses.
• Keep complete and accessible records of all horses including use, feed changes and medical needs/events.
• Nurture and encourage volunteer participation with herd activities.
• Communicate potential funding need with the Executive Director and the Director of Grants and Donor Relations such as new horses, feeding equipment, tack, etc.
• Attend regular staff meetings and work with all staff to support the Challenge Unlimited mission.
• Work with the Director of Equine Encounter Programs to promote the horse/human connection, encourage participants to return as volunteers, and provide the animals and equipment necessary for ensuring a safe quality experience for all involved.
Group health Insurance. Self paid 403b
Description of Housing Provided
There is a three bedroom home on the property that could be available for this position.