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Stable Attendent

Fort Washington, Maryland 20744
United States
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Date Posted: 11/09/2020 | Last Updated: 11/09/2020
Assistant Manager, Estate Manager, Farm Maintenance, Farm Office Staff, General Farm Labor, Groom - General, Manager - General, Manager - Private Farm, Manager - Working Ranch, Ranch Hand/Cattle, Trainer - General
Positions Available:
Full Time
Annual Salary Range:
Not Specified
Minimum Education Level:
Horse Breeds Associated With This Job:
Any Breed
Languages Required:
Drivers license required?
Commercial drivers license required?
Own car required?
Pets allowed?
Non-smoker required?
Live on site?
Will pay to relocate?
Height/Weight Specifications
(For riding positions only)
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Weight:   lbs
About The Facility
family owned private farm used as a horse rescue and for personal riding and training of horses.
Job Description
Stall cleaning
● Remove all manure & urine spots from stalls; add fresh bedding if needed. Sweep back shavings from
both entry doors & under feed bowl
● Dump, wash, & refill water buckets in every stall, every day.
● Treat stall urine spots with chemical spray and/or “refresher”/lime dust
● Wipe out feed bowls with a hand towel
● Remove any manure droppings directly around barn
● Sweep aisle ways - main & exterior
Horse Care
● All horses to be groomed/cleaned daily.
● Administer basic equine first aid to any wound when applicable. Notify owner of any/all injuries
● Monitor/observe horse’s habits, reporting anything that seems abnormal or out of character from
animal’s usual routine (eating, sleeping, grazing, change in manure, etc)
● Help manage diets and physical condition of each horse. Diets will be veterinarian recommended - help
will be needed to adhere to them. Horses to be weighed weekly or bi-weekly to aid in weight
management. Please record & track weights
● Horse’s exercise routines to fluctuate some seasonally due to, inclement weather, improper footing, etc.
Decrease in winter months and summer heat, increase in fall & spring
● All equipment used that day should be thoroughly cleaned & conditioned (2-step process). Saddle pads
washed or hung to air dry. Please notify owner if any equipment looks to be damaged, improperly
working, ill fitting, etc.
● Trash can pick up is Tuesday morning, Recycling pick up is Wednesday morning. Please place cans by
the road on the way out the day prior. Please also take out the garage, office, and wash bay stall trash.
● Dump, Scrub, & Refill pasture water troughs.
● Remove all manure piles from the grass, riding arena and barn side of the property. Check river dock
entrance for manure/debris.
● Please notify owner if we appear to be running low on any supplies
● Add dry cat food to the automatic feeder
● Wipe down individual overhanging stall lights in the stall and outside exterior door. Includes
overhanging lights outside of office & garage side door.
● Clean & condition lead halters
● Sweep garage side of barn/bedding supply room
● Wash down/”strip” each individual stall. Stall walls to be cleaned with warm soapy water & vinegar (do
not use any bleach product) and thoroughly dried with a hand towel after. Clean floor mats, air dry, add
● Clear French drains located at each end of barn aisle
● Wipe down interior & exterior stall doors & bars
● Check the wash bay drain exit (located downhill to the right out of the riverside barn doors) to keep
clean/clear of debris. (*No shavings, hay, hair, dirt down drain, please sweep and place in trash)
● Wash interior & exterior aisle ways/rubber pavers. Cleaning solution is located in the feed room.
● Clean all exterior windows
● Walk the fence lines to ensure there are no downed rails or damage.
Miscellaneous Notes:
● Please minimize the use of the electric blower. Hand sweeping is preferred to help control dust.
● Keep the feed room tidy. Grain bins should be kept full for evening turn in. Please do not discard empty
feed bags-reuse as trash bags
● Keep hay/supply stall tidy. Please keep hay neatly stacked. Add hay to stalls, if receiving, for evening
turn in.
● Stalls should be fully prepared (with the exception of grain) & ready for evening turn in
● Front property gates should remain closed at all times
● If the horses should escape the property, call 911 immediately!
● Please bring any packages left by gate up to the barn
● Keep fresh water for the dogs and cat
Local Competitions:
Most competitions are held on the weekends. Advance notification (minimum two-week notice) of any
competition will be given. Mileage will be paid (standard mileage rates) as well as additional hourly pay
(show rate to be discussed)
Out of Town/State Competitions:
Advance notice will be given (minimum of 4 weeks). All lodging/travel will be paid/reimbursed. Additional
hourly pay will be given
Job Requirements
Lifting, walking, scooping and operating farm equipment such as 4 wheelers and utvs.