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Equistaff owner Mary K. Thomas moved to Ocala, Florida with the dream of becoming a barn manager. She quickly saw a need for all levels of barn staff and began utilizing her connections in the industry to match employers with employees. Her specialized equine staffing agency started on a shoestring budget in 1982 and is now a highly successful and diverse business; it was also the first equine staffing company in the United States. was launched in June of 2000 and won a technological innovation award the same year and the company was the Marion County Equine Business of the Year in 2007! Most recently Mary launched the redesign of the Equistaff website to better serve the equine community. She also owns a general staffing agency, Fasttrack Staffing Inc. and a multifaceted career and life coaching company, MKT Talent.


Our full service approach and reputation for getting results are the main reasons companies turn to Equistaff. Whether your need is for a highly skilled groom, a uniquely qualified farm manager, or just cost reduction and efficiency in recruiting expenses, we are your single source provider for positions ranging from rider to resident veterinarian. Our site allows you to reach your target audience immediately and our reach extends worldwide. Your costs are reduced, you save time and you reach the maximum amount of people – any time of day, seven days a week!

We also offer Direct Placement and Recruiting!

Have you had trouble finding staff on your own? Do you not have the time to sift through resumes and make phone calls? Tap into our network and let us do the legwork for you! Our staffing consultants will take the time to obtain a detailed job description of your opening, as well as information regarding the farm/company atmosphere, benefits, management style of the hiring authority, and all other necessary information to make the right placement the first time. We pre-screen, interview, and reference check all of our candidates based on your custom requests. We ensure that you see only the most superior candidates who are absolutely qualified for your position and the best part is – you are free to run your farm or business while we do all of the work bringing passive candidates and top talent to your table!

Contact us at 352-293-2088 or


Retained Search and Placement...
Let Equistaff show you the way to utilize our expert staff as your extra HR hands. Now it is possible to hire one of our staff members to exclusively work on recruiting for each and every opening you have. As a retained staff member, we search, define, test, reference check and hire your employee for you exclusively. All you pay for is our time. It is as though you have a recruiter on staff, but do not have the annual burden of payroll and benefits. Use us as you need us!

Temporary Placement Service or Temporary to Hire (Selected State)
Chances are the work won't wait until you've found, interviewed, and hired the right employee. Our temporary will step right in and get the work done! Our interviewing, screening, and testing process take the guesswork out of selecting the right temporary for your situation. This service is available in Florida only. Sometimes, you find the right person for your opening is the temporary who has stepped in to cover the interim period from search to hire. Other times, you may have interviewed an employee who seems qualified, but you just aren't sure if they will mesh well with your workplace. In these cases, temporary to hire is a good option to utilize.

Payroll Services
Equistaff now offers your business a time and money saving payroll service available in selected states only. Continue to receive our full range of services that you have come to trust and now put your payroll issues behind you. We will handle time sheets, taxes, workers compensation issues and unemployment claims management. Wouldn't it be nice to lose the headache and hassles of unemployment claims and payroll deadlines? Let us concentrate on the business of your employees so you can concentrate on maintaining a profitable bottom line!


At Equistaff, we take background investigations to a whole new level. The potential hazards to your business that can result from the unknown just aren’t worth the risk. We are able to utilize various resources beyond the standard background check to thoroughly investigate the background of an applicant on a national basis. This includes credit history, criminal background, pending civil litigation, validity of any licenses or credentials, and an incredibly thorough report detailing the experiences of all past employers (even those not listed on the application).

Information required:
  • Candidates name
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Specific names/number of the employment references
  • Names of official licenses
  • Previous address

We have a release form, which must be signed by the candidate before we can begin the background check.

    Cost: $150.00 per person.
    Turn around time: Typically, two business days.
    For more information on this service, contact us today